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Berthold Technologies is a global detection and automation technology leader in life sciences instruments. Our extensive range of product solutions made in Germany helps to ensure quality and performance for every lab. We provide user-friendly, accurate bioanalytical instruments and solutions for biomedical, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, and basic research laboratories in all fields of the life sciences. These technologies make possible the identification, quantification and analysis of the molecular, physical and biological properties of thousands of substances and products. It is our mission to enable our customers to improve life in meaningful ways.


Microplate Readers

Microplate Readers from Berthold Technologies are available both, as dedicated and as multimode readers

Microplate Washers and Dispensers

Fast and reliable Microplate Washers designed for high throughput. If you wash dozens to hundreds of plates a day, we have a washer for you

Automated ELISA Systems

Our assay workstations provide start to end automation of ELISA and other assays requiring washing, dispensing, incubation and reading

Microvolume Spectrometers

Our microvolume spectrophotometers for DNA quantification and other applications have excellent reproducibility and are maintenance-free

Tube Luminometers

State-of-the-art tube luminometers “Made in Germany” guarantee high quality measurements in glow and flash luminescent applications

Gamma Counters

High-performance Gamma counters for RIA and IRMA immunoassays that have been trusted by scientists and technicians around the globe for more than 50 years

Radio HPLC Detectors

Our range of Radio HPLC Detectors feature maximum flexibility, outstanding sensitivity and easy integration with any HPLC and UHPLC system

In Vivo Imaging Systems

Our in vivo imaging systems offer the performance and features you need for your research, with optimized versions for analysing plants or laboratory animals



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