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Our microplate readers deliver the performance you need to solve your analytical challenges

Every lab is unique. That's why you deserve a microplate reader that fits your needs. Maybe your research requires maximum application flexibility, or high throughput. Perhaps you are looking for simplicity, delivering reliable results. Whatever you need, there is a Berthold Technologies reader to fit your research needs.

Dedicated microplate readers (single-mode or single-technology readers)

Dedicated microplate readers are able to measure a single technology only: either absorbanceluminescence or fluorescence. They lack the flexibility of multimode microplate readers, but they often offer better sensitivity and reliability than multimode readers. For example, the Centro XS³ LB 960provides a sensitivity for luminescence detection, unmatched even by the most sensitive multimode microplate readers. Pricewise, they are overall more affordable than multimode readers, but special configurations to meet specific application needs may increase costs.

Multimode microplate readers

Multimode microplate readers are equipped with more than one detection technology. They are more complex than dedicated plate readers, and some design compromises have to be made to accommodate all detection modes in a single instrument. In return, they offer great flexibility and, especially in advanced instruments with dedicated optical paths for each detection mode, such as the Mithras² LB 943 provide excellent performance.

Multimode readers tend to be more expensive, but high-modularity platforms can initially be configured with only the options only that will really be needed and upgraded later on if required. The Tristar² and Tristar² S are excellent examples for modular multimode microplate readers.

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