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Cryolys Evolution is a patented cooling system compatible with the Precellys Evolution tissue homogenizer. It prevents thermo-sensitive samples from heat degradation during homogenization process.

The Cryolys Evolution is the cooling system specially developped for Precellys Evolution tissue homogenizer.

Based on dry ice sublimation, it enhances the efficiency of molecular extraction, resulting in premium quality analysis, maintaining the desired temperature between 0 and 10°C before and during the tissue homogenization.The Precellys Evolution tissue homogenizer software monitors the temperature for fully accurate results. It allows an optimal protection of the sensitive molecules from heat degradation. Cryolys Evolution is the ideal solution when working on native state thermo-sensitive molecules such as active RNA, siRNA, metabolites, enzymes, proteins while getting an hight yield extraction.

the most efficient cooling unit for tissue homogenizer!

• Efficient cooling: before, during and after processing
• No need for compressed air or power supply
• Accurate temperature monitored by Precellys® Evolution homogenizer software
• Minimal bench space

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